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sisters are redoing it for themselves

Above: The m2m portrait that launched a thousand applications of lip gloss, top.
  Julie and I are pleased to announce our first official mouthtomouth update. Some of you may remember the young man on the bottom left, Damon Bishop, from our first issue, in which he was hailed by Prima Gallerina as one of our fair city's unsung gallery heroes.

First of all, we should say that we got quite a lot of feedback from Prima's unassuming little tribute, insinuating that we were shamelessly treating men like sex objects.

To which we reply, "Well, duh."

Anyway, we were in Quimby's a few weeks ago, when lo and behold, we spied a strangely familiar face gracing the cover of a new Chicago 'zine, My Imaginary Boyfriends. Inside, we learned of a grassroots poster campaign extolling Damon's virtues--featuring a strangely familiar photograph, and some strangely familiar language. Hello?!

Suffice it to say, it now appears that our discovery of Damon has generated rabid interest among a subculture even smaller than our own.

Not that anyone reading MIB would know that. C'mon now; where's the love? When we said we were hoping to inspire people to start their own magazines, I'm not sure this is what we meant.

Luckily, we can respect appropriation as a postmodern conceptual strategy.

Meaning: we can't afford the long-distance calls to our lawyer.

While it was admittedly our intent to foster a wider appreciation for the efforts of these hard-working gentlemen--and perhaps even further their social prospects--let it be known that we do not condone stalking of any kind... other people.

Although we were somewhat mortified to learn, from his subsequent MIB interview, that Damon lied to us when he claimed to be a foot-fetishist. Yes, dear readers, we were duped! We print this erratum as a public service, and apologize for getting you excited over nothing.

Damon, how could you do this to me? I thought we had something special! When I took that photo of you, we shared a moment--and you know it. I have lost my faith in mankind. Liars and thieves surround me!

Anyway, it's clear that we've launched Mr. Bishop on an exciting new career path as an icon of eligible bachelorhood.

You know what this means, Kristen? We're starmakers!

What can we say? Vaya con dios, Damon! Just remember: we knew you when.

And as for you, editors of My Imaginary Boyfriends, welcome to the lucrative world of independent publishing. Bling-bling!

Is it getting crowded in the VIP room, or what?

art chicago 2003
we came. we saw. we conked out.

Day 5, 4:30 pm: Steve, Kristen, and Julie. Steve was the show staff guy from San Francisco who tipped us to the free breakfast.
Since he's ultra-mellow, has perfect teeth, and looked so great strolling past our booth every day,
we will forgive him for leading us to believe they'd be serving mimosas.

thanks to:

keri butler at TBA
all the folks who stopped by our booth
the 100 brave souls who played our mad libs manifesto
robert horvath, who drove in from ohio to help us out
tom huck for keeping us awake (CORRECT!)
tyler at the hideout, who applied alcohol to our wounds

look for more art chicago news in an upcoming issue!