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trust us: it only looks like we're awake
 Happy birthday to us...

Yes, boys and girls, mouthtomouth is officially one year old. Proof that what does not kill us, makes us stronger.

Hey Kristen, wanna feel my bicep?

Why the hell would I want to do that?

I don't was just an idea.

Well, while you think about that--and I suggest you do--let's recap some of the highlights of the last 12 months. Between the two of us, we've been bitten by one dog; committed the near-vehicular-manslaughter of 5-1/2 Michigan Avenue pedestrians; suffered, in no particular order, strep throat, hives, anxiety attacks, tendonitis, foot strain, food poisoning, and comprehensive mental collapse; inspired one case of stalking--

Not of us--or by us, we should add.

--imbibed approximately 24 post-publication margaritas, flirted fruitlessly with any number of performance artists, and spent 120 hours in a walk-in closet. Am I forgetting anything major?

How about the time a computer virus destroyed the entire magazine 72 hours before deadline?

Yeah...good times.

How many people have we interviewed?

Not counting this issue, 62.

We should thank everyone who has made this first year


I was going to say "memorable."

Oh. OK. That's better.

We want to share this magic moment with you, dear readers, and remind you that we're always open to proposals of--

Whoa, there!

--artists we should interview, or people you'd like to interview yourselves. It's our mission to be a forum for Chicago's art community.

Yes, join us in our life of folly!

Browse our website...but please disregard the abundant guestbook messages from vendors of penis enlargement devices.

For the last time: we're not that kind of magazine!