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october 4, 2002: the m2m girls go stag to the MCA to test if etchings actually work

photos by nancy farstad

Occupation: Teacher
Three words that describe you: Romantic, intelligent, well-read.
Do you come here often? Actually, yes; my husband makes me come here every First Friday. No--I'm joking. He's an artist, so we both like to come out and show our support.
Is there a relationship between art and romance, or art and love? Well, neither one is organized! They're both all over the place. But I do see a relationship. My husband loves art and I love literature, so we're both very passionate about theory. I think it helps our relationship; that passion brings us closer together. There's something very sensual about looking at art and reading and that type of thing--it's sexy.
Have you ever fallen in love with a work of art? Yeah, but it was literature--Paradise, by Toni Morrison.
Is an appreciation of art an important quality in a mate? Definitely. You have to possess some sort of conceptual or critical faculty to be able to look into a piece and love it. For me, if someone didn't have that appreciation, it wouldn't work. That's what brought the two of us together, actually.
Did the two of you meet in a museum? No, we were in a club.
Has anyone tried to pick you up in a museum? Constantly.
What's the worst pickup line you've heard? Oh my god, there have been so many. "What's your nationality?" or "Let me fix the tag on the back of your shirt." Obviously, nothing exciting!

I'd asked around 10 or 15 people for suggestions....Finally one lady friend asked the right question, "Well, what do you love most?" That's how I started painting money.
--andy warhol, 1984
 Susan and Rowell
Occupation: Medical student (Susan);
Graphic designer (Rowell)
Three words that describe Rowell:
Susan: Beautiful, calm, artistic.
Three words that describe Susan:
Rowell: Beautiful, detail-oriented, personable.
Do you come here often?
Susan: Actually, we do. We're members.
So what brings you here on a Friday night?
Rowell: Well, it's a weekend.
Susan: And I'm not on call! Generally the art, although they're installing, and there isn't much up right now. And we like the food.
Rowell: Food and art on a Friday night is a good combination.
Do you see a relationship between art and love, or art and romance?
Susan: Rowell can answer; he's the artist.
Rowell: Well, you have an opinion, too.
Susan: No, no; you talk.
You guys are so solicitous we'll be here forever!
Rowell: OK! I can see a connection in a lot of different ways: it can be depicted figuratively--someone realistically painting their vision of beauty--or more abstractly. To me, it's just forms, so an image that's not recognizable could still have a romantic sense because of the composition and color. Especially the color, I think. Sometimes a painting can be sumptuous or even erotic, but not be an image of a person. I find art that's abstract or metaphorical, rather than a literal painting of two people or a woman's body, to be more evocative of love.
If you could be the muse for any artist, whose would you be?
Susan: Well, I've been trying to get Rowell to paint me, but he does landscapes.
You could pose sideways.
Susan: Right! It sounds a little clichéd, but probably Picasso, because I wouldn't necessarily recognize myself. I like the abstract part of it. Nobody else would have to know it was you, or that it was for you, except the painter.
Have you ever fallen in love with a work of art?
Rowell: Well, there's one, but I wouldn't think of it as romantic. It's a piece by Georgia O'Keeffe, of a cross in the New Mexico desert.
Susan: I don't think I have one.
Well, if you could have any work in your bedroom, what would it be?
Susan: Something really big and abstract and beautiful, like the Matisse paper cutouts at MOMA. I really like the story behind those. He was losing his sight, but his love for art drove him to still make work, even though it was very difficult.
Is an appreciation of art an important quality in a mate?
Rowell: Yes, because I like it! But it's a commonality; it gives you something to discuss. The person doesn't have to have the same opinion, as long as they have some opinion.
Susan: Well, it was part of my upbringing. My mother's an artist, so I was brought to museums when I was very young--even though I had to be bribed with jello from the cafeteria to go! So it's naturally a thing I'm interested in.
Did you guys meet in a museum?
Susan: No, we met in dancing classes.
Have you ever tried to pick anyone up in a museum?
Rowell: I think I tried, but I never had a pickup line. You would be looking at art, and maybe see someone interesting, but then what do you say to them?
"Wanna see my Matisse?"

  Sieana (top) and Andrea
Occupation: Teachers
Three words that describe you:
Andrea: Humorous, sensitive, playful.
Sieana: Funny, naive, talkative.
Sieana, you're our type! So, do you come here often?
Andrea: This is our first time.
What brought the two of you out here on a Friday night?
Andrea: She made me do it.
Sieana: I heard about this event through the grapevine.
Andrea: And I just broke up with my boyfriend.
We're so sorry. How's it going for you tonight?
Andrea: No comment!
Not to bring up a sore subject, but do you feel there's a relationship between art and love?
Andrea: I do, in the sense that I think all artistic expressions are inspired by love in some way, whether good or bad.
Sieana: My answer won't be that creative--but the two do go hand in hand.
If you could be any artist's muse, whose would you be?
Sieana: Well, I wouldn't want someone older, like Leonardo da Vinci. I'd want someone contemporary, someone new. I think it would be fun.
Andrea: Some young hot sculptor who'd have to feel his way around!
Well, if we see one here tonight, we'll send him your way.
Andrea: Thank you!
What's the sexiest work of art you've ever seen?
Sieana: I went backpacking in Europe a couple years ago, and I would have to say Michelangelo's David.
Andrea: Rodin's Kiss is one of my favorites, by far.
Is an appreciation of art an important quality in a mate?
Sieana: I would say so, definitely. It's another way to express yourself.
Andrea: I would like someone who appreciates going to a museum and looking at art, who wouldn't think that's a drag. But guys who are too deep into art are a little strange.

  Rob (top) and Bob
Occupations: Street mime (Bob); picture-frame model (Rob)
Three words that describe you:
Bob: Fun, fun, fun.
Rob: Sensitive, shy, unassuming.
First of all, you guys are total liars. Do you come here often?
Bob: Um, no?
So what brings you two here on a Friday night?
Bob: The party. I came for the hot chicks. Actually, I have been to First Fridays before. I found my former girlfriend here.
Rob: He did.
That's nice.
Bob: No, it's not. But I'm going to find my future ex here tonight.
Rob: You're stealing my lines!
What is your pickup line for the night?
Bob: Go ahead, Rob.
Rob: I don't think I have one. Do you guys have a pickup line?
Usually we insult people; that seems to work really well.
Rob: Well, I'm telling you, this thing you're doing right now is a great pickup. Can we borrow your tape recorder?
This is work. Anyway, you've already said you're here for the hot chicks, so we know it's not about love for you tonight. But do you see a relationship between art and romance?
Bob: Yes, I do.
Rob: It's all about chemistry, so there can be a great combination between art and romance. Maybe we'll find someone here we can connect with.
Will you use art as the intermediary?
Rob: Sure, if we have to!
Bob: We'll use anything!
Rob: Lie, cheat, and steal.
Bob: I took my girlfriend--whom I really did meet at one of these events--on a little tour of the museum. I met her out here on the patio and then said, "Hey, do you want to go for a walk?" We wound up going out for three years.
Have you ever fallen in love with a work of art?
Rob: I like M.C. Escher's work.
Bob: You three!
Is an appreciation of art important to you in a mate?
Bob: It's definitely a plus, because I enjoy it as well.
Rob: If she's into it and can teach me, I'm always up for learning.
If you could inspire any artist, who would it be?
Rob: Georgia O'Keeffe.
Hmmm. What would that flower look like?